Guide to invest at best but consciously!

What it means for us to invest with awareness.

In the last time we had known of many situations of  “financial default”. This is a condition when the company is not able to refund his wn debts. For example: “Lehman Brothers” or “Mr.  Berny Madoff Ponzi Scheme”!
The paradox is that these investments was proposed and sold from primary Banks and some financial advisors or companies that are involved in these terrible crash. But was happened to the customers? They have lost all the money invested!!!The problem is not only a matter of numbers or money but to destroy the savings of an entire life!

These events in not a moral or ethical matter but a social responsability.    
Who must save these people? The politics? Yes, sure. But it’s not enough.
The priority is to know what is a financial investment. It’s a question of confidence on the financial system but in the same time of culture.This last point is strictly personal or each individual that could protect himself!How you could protect yourself? Inside this  financial scenario of the last years is very difficult  to understand what’s a good investment but exists some good rules on the road to respect:

  1. To inform consciously abot the financial instrument you want to subscribe
  2. To request if the financial advisor is authorized and  if he is  free of conflict  of interests.
    About the point no.1 there are basic rules to follow with attention and scruple to avoid a bad experience:
    – To know exactly the type and the nature of the investment(sector of  di investment  and level of risk)
    – Duration of the investment
    – Terms and conditions to comply and to disinvest
    – Skill and professional assistance from the financial advisor(control of skill and personal reputation)Legal and contractual clauses.
    These  details are fundamental to understand from the investor that need to know the basic information to decide to invest. The investor need to learn some financial terms and features to protect himself to lose the money! Fast!