Investire in Africa


Investire in Africa è una opportunità per ogni imprenditore che guardi seriamente al mercato del futuro. Ma anche per figure professionali importanti come i medici e infermieri ma anche consulenti legali, amministrativi e fiscali, notai e formatori di vario …

William Delbert Gann – The story of one of the most important financial analyst of Wall Street

Dear readers, I could not fail to mention a series of links regarding the extraordinary figure of the most important analyst and trader in the American market: William Delbert Gann,.


Rivers of books have been written about …

A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built to Outperform Bitcoin

Dear readers and friends, I would like to share this article that appeared recently.

There is a big change taking place that will bring fast and consistent new ways of using technology.

What will remain of us “human”?